Welcome to Yeh College!

view of yeh college and new college west from poe field

Yeh College, Princeton’s seventh residential college, is named in honor of a major gift from Princeton alumnus James Yeh ’87, and his wife, Jaimie Yeh. Yeh College is comprised of four dormitory halls and, along with the opening of the adjacent New College West, will help house Princeton’s expanding undergraduate student population. Yeh and New College West are located adjacent to one another and share some essential features, such as dining areas and some common spaces. The location of these colleges extends the University’s residential district southward into the wooded and verdant landscapes of Lake Carnegie. Deborah Berke Partners designed the new residential colleges to promote community engagement and maximize a sense of warmth and inclusivity for students.

See the May 2022 University press release about the naming of Yeh College.