What's Where?

Yeh College is comprised of four halls with connections between towers at the lower levels. Community spaces are located on the ground floors, with residential floors above.

The College Office is the nerve center of Yeh.  Located in Fu Hall, it houses the offices of the Head of College, the Dean, the Assistant Dean for Studies, the Assistant Dean for Student Life, the College Program Administrator, the College Office Coordinator, and the Residential Life Coordinator—so needless to say it’s an active place. The College Office is the place to come for pretty much any matter of interest or concern, whether academic, social, or personal.  If you wish to meet with specific members of the Yeh College staff, you can make an appointment by phoning the office.

But your College Office is also a social space—i.e., you don’t always have to have a reason to come in.  Please do stop by anytime to chat or to share your great ideas about how to make life at Yeh College even better!  And for the snacks: we usually have chocolate and snacks out for the taking.

Just down from the College Office is the Common Room which is the heart of the college. At any time of day you can find students studying, chatting or gathering for a college event. Make sure to stop by Friday afternoons for our weekly Fri-Yeh events!

The College features two Seminar Rooms in Grousbeck Hall which host seminars and events and are fully media equipped and supported by OIT media services.

yeh and ncw map

Hariri Hall features a number of event spaces where the college will host programs and where students can express themselves thru the arts including the Signature Space, Choi Glass Box Studio, Performance Platform and Music Practice Room. 

The two Music Practice Rooms, located in Hariri and Grousbeck Hall, feature space for practicing a musical instrument. The space is intended for casual use and can’t be reserved. The practice room doors are heavy! Make sure to give them a good push if you're trying to open them. Just outside, you will find the Living Room which is an outdoor sculpture of a large pink couch where students can gather, sit, and occasionally view performances happening in the Choi Glass Box Studio

There is a Communal Kitchen and seating area in Fu Hall where small groups can meet to prepare and share food together. Across from the Communal Kitchen is a Student Lounge, a comfortable place for students to relax with friends featuring a pool table and large screen TV. 

The Choi Dining Hall is located on the ground level of Fu Hall and is shared with New College West. The two sides of the dining hall are separated by a fully enclosed courtyard, which can be used by both colleges in nice weather for seating. In addition, the dining hall opens to an outdoor wood courtyard.  The Private Dining Room is separate from the main dining hall making it ideal for small groups to meet over lunch or dinner. The College holds talks and other events in this room.