Yeh College Hotspot

If you are looking for the closest hotspot on campus, there is one easily accessible to Yeh students. When heading towards the Choi Dining Hall through Fu Hall, please look towards the left wall under the red fire alarm, where you will find our college hotspot.

What is a Hotspot?

A Keyless Lock Hot Spot is a computer hardware device used to validate and update your TigerCard for use within the keyless lock system.

How to Validate/Update Your TigerCard (Hit the Hot Spot)

  1. Find any installed Keyless Lock Hot Spot on campus. View the Hot Spot Map

  2. Hold your TigerCard still in front of the Hot Spot. A blue light indicates that the update is in progress. 
  3. TigerCard validation is complete when the light turns green.
hotspot infographic

How Often Do I Need to Hit a Hot Spot?

The first validation occurs during Move-in. You will need to validate your TigerCard three additional times during the academic year after each of the following break periods. 

  • After Fall Recess
  • Beginning of Spring Term
  • After Spring Recess

The validation period typically lasts 7 days. You must hit the Hot Spot by noon on the last day of the validation periods.

Why Do I Need to Hit the Hot Spot?

Hitting the Hot Spot, or validating process, is part of routine maintenance of the keyless lock system. Validating your card relays diagnostic information about your lock, such as battery health, in an effort to manage potential lock malfunctions before they happen.

yeh college hotspot
campus map of hotspot locations