yeh college office

People are what make Yeh College the college that it is. The Head of College sets the intellectual tone for the college, serving as host for a number of events and traditions, from intimate freshman dinners to elegant commencement receptions. The College Staff provide support for students in their academic, personal and social well-being, and facilitate student activities and use of college facilities. 

At Yeh, the Residential College Advisers (RCAs) help students create vibrant residential communities, and work with Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs) who assist students and their Faculty Academic Advisers with course selection, choosing a major, balancing workload, and identifying academic resources. The Community Living Advisers (CLAs) support the sophomores, juniors, and seniors living in Yeh and plan events and programs for those returning students to build connections and foster a warm and welcoming community in the college. The College Council will be our central vehicle for student leadership, and a terrific group of Faculty, Staff and Community Fellows will take part in a range of college programs, including giving lunch talks, leading book group discussions or theater trips, and hosting language tables.

In addition, Resident Graduate Students (RGSs) reside in Yeh. They organize fun programs and trips, help organize study groups, and interact with undergraduates over meals and at college functions.