Alexis Andres

Dean of Yeh College
Office Phone
Fu Hall B105H

Welcome to Yeh College. I am thrilled to be your dean and have the opportunity to get to know one another in Princeton’s newest residential college. Together with the Dean Wei and Dean Pinciaro, I head up the professional advising team in Yeh. I manage the day-to-day running of the college and am responsible for the overall academic well-being of Yeh students. As dean, I work closely with academic departments to provide academic advising to juniors and seniors, including the completion of independent work. I provide support for all Yeh students engaging in the leave of absence and reinstatement processes.

Though I am just beginning my 14th year at Princeton University, having worked previously in Butler and Whitman Colleges, I am honored to be a part of Princeton history with the opening of Yeh College in 2022. Given that Yeh is just finishing our second academic year, my colleagues and I look forward to continuing to develop the culture and vibe of Yeh. Please be in touch with us to share your questions or concerns. You can always make an appointment, or just stop by our offices. We also look forward to getting to know you through one-on-one advising appointments and connecting with you during the myriad programs we have planned for you this year.

Prior to moving to Princeton, I worked at the University of Virginia, where I earned both my BA and PhD. I braved the snow-laden winters (and autumns! and springs!) of New England to earn my M.Ed. at the University of Vermont. My dissertation focused on how the pursuit of perfection and effortless perfection impacts female college students, and I used that research to help found the Princeton Perspective Project. As an undergraduate, I was passionate about interdisciplinary learning, service, and leadership. Now I enjoy traveling, horseback riding, and reading in my spare time and am an academic fellow for the Tiger women’s swimming and diving team.

I look forward to meeting all of you and learning from you. It’s going to be an epic year! Yay for Yeh!

To schedule a meeting with Dean Andres, please clink this link.