Peer Academic Advisers

Your Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs) are great sources of advice about the best classes and professors, taking advantage of academic support, balancing your course-load and extracurriculars, getting to know professors, and much more. All Yeh College first year students have a peer academic adviser affiliated with their RCA zee group. (But feel free to contact any of the PAAs about major-specific questions, even if they're not affiliated with your zee group. PAAs are also available to meet with sophomores.)

PAAs know that questions and problems don't always come up from 9-5, and they will be available to give you advice, make connections for you, and help you find support when needed. BSE students also have peer Interactors who work with their first year faculty advisers; these juniors and seniors will help you acclimate to life in the E-Quad.